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12 Step Process for Enlisting Your Center of Influences (COIs)

For a step-by-step guide to enlist centers of influence, download the manual.

Step 1 – Initial Contact

Step 2 – Schedule Visit

Step 3 – Profile COI

STEP 4 – Schedule Next Meeting

STEP 5 – Identify Opportunities

STEP 6 – Draft Business Description

STEP 7 – Secure Meeting with COI and your Contact

STEP 8 – Facilitate Joint Meeting

STEP 9 – Provide Your Ideal Client Profile and Identify Opportunities

STEP 10 – Provide Draft Business Description

STEP 11 – Introductory Meet and Greet

STEP 12 – On‐going Communications and Maintaining the Relationship


For access to sample phone scripts, email templates, the profiler, and talking points, refer to our Toolbox.

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