Our Clients

“Looking at the past success of the Outreach Accelerator program, we felt compelled to bring Raj onboard to execute his strategies within our own organization. The program has provided us with a framework for an expansive referral system that plays to Infoaxis’ strengths and gives us a direction which we can continue to build and grow our business. Having now aligned our networking efforts with our firm’s marketing and SEO strategies we are positioned for expansive growth.  Raj is passionate and motivated. He is the best at what he does and Infoaxis is confident that his exemplary work will take our sales success to the next level.”

Mickey McGraw, Co Founder & Principle, Infoaxis

“As the owner of a voluntary benefits agency, my business growth and success is dependent on the ability to open the doors of small businesses. Using the Outreach Accelerator, my associates were immediately meeting with people that could have an impact on their prospecting activities. The system is easy to understand and I highly recommend the Outreach Accelerator to any organization looking to exponentially grow their new business. The system and it’s methodology is based on the best practices and building blocks for anyone looking to develop rock solid marketplace relationships.”

Michael Zilinski, District Sales Coordinator, Aflac

“The activities with which I built my business twenty years don’t work today, and haven’t for a while.  I needed a new and better strategy.  The Outreach Accelerator  is not complex, but it is perceptive, smart and makes sense. Raj has provided us with a marketing platform that in a very cool way plays to our strengths and gives us a plan on which we can continue to build and grow our business. He’s the best at what he does and his program provides the most effective strategies for meeting new qualified prospects.”

Dan Gilligan, President, ADP/Statewide West Insurance Agency and Risk Services

“Our engagement with The Outreach Accelerator has yielded immediate results…activity levels have increased and our team of new advisor’s have become a great deal more effective in prospecting for new business opportunities. Raj’s unique strategies for building purposeful relationships and his process to gain access to high level decision makers has been instrumental in helping us to open doors that were previously closed. His group and individual coaching sessions has been an instrumental component to our recent success and have provided us an additional “set of eyes” to assist us in our ongoing efforts to develop our new talent into productive producers.”


John H. Langdon, Managing Partner, Langdon Ford financial


“Raj has a demonstrated a very unique ability to establishing very strategic and meaningful partnerships in the B2B marketplace….relationships that have created for us a great number of introductions to highly qualified business opportunities. In any sales organization prospecting represents the greatest challenge and most significant obstacle to success. Raj has cultivated a systematic approach to prospecting that leads to real measurable results. His passion for his work is infectious and Raj is expert at spreading the good news.”

Scott Rappoport, Chief Executive Officer, Benefit Sources & Solutions

“Over the course of the past 20 years I’ve had the opportunity to engage a variety of prospecting and business development programs and strategies…and while I’ve generally found something to be impressed with in each of these past engagements, I have never been highly impressed with my results or return on investment. The Outreach Accelerator has helped me and my organization address a very specific set of prospecting challenges…I now have the tools, tactics & strategies to effectively fill my prospecting pipeline with a continual stream of business opportunities which are both ideal and highly qualified….tapping the influence and credibility of my network of fans has set in motion what will be an incredible next chapter of my professional career.”

John A. Naphor, CEO, Cornerstone Wealth Management, LLC