Our Fans

“I had the opportunity to spend time with Raj during the process of perfecting the Outreach Accelerator. The program has been the “Katalyst” to my sales and business growth.  I implemented the strategy for enlisting Centers of Influence and started a networking group around that same premise.  Consequently, I have achieved a 200% increase in my personal sales!”

Dan Beldowicz, VP of Business Development, Single Throw Internet Marketing

Most impressive content on how to do business by referrals out there. This method of connection has doubled my effectiveness in sales and has proven an increase in my bottom line. Best in class, true to life, practical and really works. The steps can be put into practice right away…100% turn key.

Jason Bessire, President, Bessire & Associates

The most comprehensive referral system I have ever seen. It has been instrumental in more than doubling my effectiveness at networking which has resulted in a 30% increase in sales in just 6 months. I am constantly taking learning and self improvement courses and seminars and this is one of the best I have ever experienced.

Howard Alt, Group Chair, Vistage International

“Raj is the very best in the country at what he does. His tools and capabilities cannot be matched. If you couple that with Raj’s sincerity and work ethic you have the perfect partner.”

Chad A. Jenkins, Founder/CEO, Blueprint Selling

“Raj is a high energy, passionate business leader. Through his business development experience, Raj has created a training program that accelerates business development through a systematic approach to leveraging your network of contacts. I was one of the early adopter of the training and it helped me tremendously.”

Michael Andrews, Managing Director and Founder, Hawkstone Capital Group

“Raj and I have worked together to develop mutual business for our respective organizations. He is a very capable networker. More importantly, he is a decent human being who cares more about providing real value to a relationship than simply making a sale. While many make this claim and then under-deliver, Raj is true to his word. Anyone who takes advantage of an opportunity to work with Raj will be rewarded in the long run.”

Ed Miller, Chief Marketing Officer, Norris McLaughlin & Marcus

“Raj has an extraordinary ability to help focus a person on what is truly important and coach that person on identifying the proper and most profitable prospects. He does this in a refreshing, intuitive and creative way that leaves a lasting impression. If you let him enter into your zone you will be inviting a valuable business partner who will most definitely make a difference. Beware he will not be afraid to take off the velvet gloves and hold you accountable.”

Todd Poliniak, Owner, Sax Macy Fromm & Co

“Raj is very, very innovative in the business development and networking world. He is always pushing the envelope and is a breath of fresh air. He is extremely focused on a goal once he articulates it. He is big time in terms of integrity and a true team player. It is clear to me that he is in it for the long haul…keeping his eyes on the ultimate objective relentlessly.”

Mitchell Sharpe, Partner, Sharpe, Kawam, Carmosino & Co., LLC

“Raj Gupta is the consummate people connector. He brings an enormous amount of positive energy and enthusiasm to every interaction, and he has a wonderful ability to set aside the noise and see what is before him with clarity and focus. Whatever the goal, a meeting or call with Raj will bring you a step closer.”

Brett Rea, Partner, Savastano Kaufman & Company, LLC

“Since 1993 I have worked with Raj in various capacities. Anyone that has spent time with Raj will agree that he is one of the most introspective original thinkers about business and life issues. Where he shines particularly is in his ability to take conceptual thoughts and translate them into practical tools which people can put into action.”

Matt Hamann, CLTC, National Sales Director, Genworth Financial (Formerly GE Financial)

“Raj is a quality individual with a great heart that is dedicated to helping individuals succeed at their calling. He has excellent people skills and a strong work ethic. His voice at the table of ideas is always welcome, and his ability to think clearly in the midst of confusion is very much appreciated.”

Curt Leininger, Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Church