Our Attendees

“I like the methodology of it.  It will surely help me be more organized and systematic with my business approach.”

“I’ve used a business coach before and taken a number of classes to recharge my business.  Raj has used a different twist on how to grow your business using tools and connections you already have but need to cultivate to get results.  I’d highly recommend you use Raj’s system to put your business into outer space.”

“The program is great at keeping developed professional relationships simple.  I plan on discussing next steps for our firm and implementing the strategies with my partners (who are also FANs of the Outreach Accelerator.”

“Very well presented, implementable strategies.”

“It’s difficult to change the mindset of years of past ‘sales’ training, but this is great information that, like anything, needs to be put into practice with a disciplined approach.  Raj’s program provides the perfect framework to do so.”

“I liked the paradigm change in ‘paying it forward,’ and the simple steps to take to network effectively.”

“Absolutely invaluable info!  I’ve discovered that while I’m doing a lot of things right, there are ways to do them better – with more focus and emphasis on collaboration.”